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When in life, some perform actions considered so horrendously wrong - against all-natural order, that even death rejects their existence. Those who suffer like this find themselves incapable of dying, with new gained features and faults as they are forced away from death's embrace unto their new being - A newly born Dauridar.

Dauridar exists as magicless warriors, created through the Lord of Ice and Undeath, the Dragon Covrudurth. They wander the planes for all eternity, seeking out a way to die and meet a release from their forever cursed bodies.

From the moment of their conception, Dauridar exists as frost-covered skeletons, with sparse bits of flesh remaining on their form. They are as tall as they were in life and exponentially stronger; no longer placing any subtle mental caps upon their physical limitations - multiplying their strength and speed to thrice that of a normal individual. Additionally, the bones that form their body are hardened through the eldritch magic of Covrudurth, requiring great force - akin to a mace swing or higher to crack their enhanced bones. It should be noted, however, that any wound they receive is permanent. Any cracks or broken off parts of their body may never be mended by any means.

The skull of a Dauridar is considered nearly invulnerable to all means of attack, capable of being cracked but not shattered. It is entirely feasible that a Dauridar can have their entire body destroyed, and thus exist as only a skull capable of speech and their abilities.

Anywhere, though they all come from the cursed Tundra.

Dauridar is wide-ranging in mindset as sentient creatures; an overarching feature, however, is that Dauridar seeks their own death. Knowing themselves incapable by normal means, this does not force them to seek out combat wherever they go; for they know being struck down by a warrior means only their continued suffering, now hindered by wounds.

Danger Level


Fire; Unable to Heal