Dark Oak

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Artwork by Unknown
Dark Oak
Rarity: Very Common
Primary Use: Fine Furniture, Cabinetry, Musical Instruments
Region: Temperate Forests


Dark oak is an incredibly fine hardwood with a consistent, rich brown color. The wood is prized for its strength and stability. It is highly resistant to warping but also has low flexibility in general. The wood also has a beautiful and sought-after tonality and is often used to craft premium musical instruments.


Dark oak is a strong, dense wood, which can prove difficult to work without well sharpened and maintained tools. It does not bend easily and tends to crush and splinter before twisting. This makes it very good at surviving being used as furniture and load-bearing timber, but very poor if not impossible to use as a bow or to bend into shape for ship hulls.

General Use

Dark oak is often used in the crafting of fine pieces of furniture, musical instruments, cabinetry, flooring, tool handles, and any other application which requires longevity without too much bending.