Damned Silk

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Artwork by weheartit
Damned Silk
Rarity: Rare
Color: Crimson
Primary Use: Enchanted Garments


Damned silk is secreted by a type of slug which appears in the demonic steppes. It is said that these slugs weave the magic of recycled souls directly into this cloth, and whenever damned silk is cut or pulled to near its tearing point, it lets out a hideous scream not unlike that of a tortured soul. It takes very well to all forms of enchantment, but is particularly suited for enchantments relating to both law and chaos, and it naturally wards against ghosts, against whom it is as strong as any steel plate. A ghost touching the silk suffers hideous agony, as well.


Weaving the silk is a rather difficult and unpleasant experience, as the fiber itself is more like wool strands than it is like thread, and it has an awful habit of shrieking nearly the entire time. Earplugs are recommended. Beyond the constant shrieking, the silk is perpetually just a little bit moist, making it a little gross to work with to boot.

Use and Effects

Magic users who spread law or chaos magic, or who fancy themselves exorcists typically adorn themselves in damned silk. It is no more durable than regular silk, but is tremendously more capable of holding enchantments.


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