Crawling Ooze

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Crawling Ooze


A curious sort of thing indeed, crawling oozes are disgusting mounds of ochre, strongly ammonia-scented goo which slide across the ground, apparently with little to no intelligence, in search of biological matter to digest. If set on fire, the majority of them will slowly, steadily, and brightly burn, leading to people, when they find one, to attempt to capture it. Put at the bottom of an outhouse or waste dump, these things will continuously dispose of what is tossed into them, creating more of themselves as they do so. They make for a perfect fuel source for lanterns, or a great way to start a fire in the wilderness. A small metal can filled with the stuff also makes for a great, but small, cooking fire.

Just about anywhere.

Unintelligent, hungry.

Danger Level
Low. Getting tossed into a vat of Crawling Ooze is a hideous death indeed, but they move very slowly and can very easily be killed or captured.

Weapons do essentially nothing to them.

Unintelligent, slow moving, extremely flammable, does not digest anything but organic matter.