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Artwork by Mintoucan
Domain(s): Ice, Undeath
Symbols: Primordial Ice, Bare Skull
Followers: Winter Elves, Necromancers, Cultists
Other Names: The Bitter Cold, The Long Death

“If you meet him, have some courtesy, or he’ll lay your soul to waste.”
-Translated Line of a Winter Elven hymn


Covrudurth has influence over the entire tundra ringing the waist of the planet, and all undead who wander the planet.


Covrudurth has incredible, reality-warping power over ice, undeath, and darkness. He steals and traps the souls of those he kills with ease, and has massive power over making deals regarding the souls of mortals. He also likely has the most followers of any of the dragons or deific beings, as he has gathered legions upon legions of undead, creating them out of the dead of all the species and monsters of the world that he can.


Though Covrudurth has few artifacts outside of the unlivable sections of the tundra around the equator of Gaia, it can be fairly stated that all undead on the face of Gaia are his artifacts, as the Truth of Undeath was originally learned and spread from the Bitter Cold


Covrudurth is generally referred to as the most bitter, twisted, and malicious of all the dragons, even surpassing Grytuss. Some suggest that after Grytuss rises and destroys all that Covrudurth will remain somewhere in the cold darkness, and create a world- the only world- to his liking, where only icy cold misery and the dead remain. Until then, he bides his time and entertains himself by playing cruel tricks and making crueler bargains with the mortals that he shares his realm with. Though he never leaves the tundra where he resides, occasionally he will appear to those unfortunate enough to travel into it, and make bargains with them for their souls in exchange for power, protection, immortality, or merely base wealth. His servants, the twisted, not-quite undead false dragons are frequently sent out over the world, to spread misery and make these deals in his stead.