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Artwork by Lugh__
Rarity: Wondrous
Color: Blue
Primary Use: Weaponry


Birthed from the atrocities found beyond Gaia’s atmosphere, Cobalt’s descent upon our planet is one not traveled alone. Seeming to thrive off of the heat emitted by Meteoric Metal, Cobalt is typically found surrounding the glowing core composed so heavily of the metal. Almost looked over due to its dark-blue hue, finding this magnetic metal is a rarity within itself- both due to its extraterrestrial origins, and it's low chance of inhabitance within a meteor. When harvesting this extraterrestrial metal, if one were to lay their bare hand upon the material they would instantly feel immense pain as their flesh would seem to deteriorate into a blackened form, becoming incapable of movement.


A material of extreme strength, Cobalt’s forging capabilities seem to follow its physical properties, taking high levels of heat and strong forces to be able to reshape the metal from its natural form. When forging with iron tools, one may feel a slight pull towards the metal due to Cobalt’s slight magnetic properties. While still possible to forge with Iron tools, it may take longer due to such.

General Use

Magnetic Properties

While the metal does hold some magnetic properties, they are not great enough to forcibly pull metallic objects. All one would feel is a slight pull when close to Cobalt, yet nothing more.

Flesh Deterioration

A property seeming to originate from beyond Gaia’s skies, touching the metal with bare skin will lead to the instantaneous deterioration of the contacted flesh. This deterioration is believed to be permanent, as no cure for such has ever been found.

Weaponry and Armor

With its natural strength and wear resistance, Cobalt’s abilities in both weaponry and armor are legendary. With only very few pieces ever created out of the substance, those who possess them are instantaneously seen as threats. Armor forged out of the substance is capable of resisting cuts or slashes from sharp weaponry with relative ease. Blunt weapons may be capable of causing damage to those wearing the armor, yet the armor itself would typically receive little damage. Sharp and blunt weapons alike rarely lose their shape or edge, and have never been known to break unless forged improperly.


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