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Artwork by Irenhorror
Domain(s): Wisdom / Decay / Illusions
Symbols: Moon / Tomes / Three Dots symbol
Followers: Scribes / Sages / Truth Seekers
Other Names: The Moon Mother / The Mighty Seer

Ciallmhar is a powerful keeper of knowledge, worshiped by those who seek untold truths and mysterious forces. Ciallmhar's mind and library contain an incredibly vast wealth of secrets, and his favor is envied by many. Ciallmhar is often depicted as a slim woman with corvine hair, with moonlight always shining upon her. She is often accompanied by a sense of coldness.


Ciallmhar influences the flow of information in the world, pulling the strings behind what is remembered and what is forgotten. His underlings sneak to and fro across the material plane, stealing new tomes and secrets for their master's library.


Ciallmhar pushes the use of the Truths of magic to their limit. He knows tricks and wisdom beyond that of other deities, and can place and pluck thoughts directly from the minds of mortals if his attention can be turned from divining long enough to do so.


Few artifacts of Ciallmhar exist on Gaia, though legends tell of lost tomes of immense power, and mirrors or spy glasses which act as windows into the past and future.


The maker watched upon the creation of the first elves by the hands of his brothers and sisters. Pawns created for the sake of their own interests. Creatures filled with will to protect only their own domains. A whiff of inspiration filled the old god as he pulled the essence of both Gaia and the spring court together, mixing them with expertise and determination. Out of this brew, three first elves were created, equal and balanced between themselves. Two sisters to run the natural cycle, a brother to keep it balanced. Silent and watchful, Ciallmhar was created. Counterpart of Freamh, the moon mother started laying her sight upon the gaian lands. Decay started spreading, like it was always meant to be. She was the ending of the natural Cycle and ,oddly, its beginning. But her interests were more complex than just watching the world decay around her. Curiously, she was able to see through the secrets and lies. This power mixed with her innate curiosity drove her around the dimensions, eager to learn more about the powers and worlds around her. A mysterious goddess revered for her knowledge and the secrets about this world. Like an invisible help, she has always supported the Ue Il’ha through visions and manifestations.”