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Chimera are some of the strangest animals newly found on Anoma, completely flabbergasting any rational, non-magical explanation for their origin. They have the head and body of a lion, but that is where the similarities with their mundane cousins end. They have a second head, that of a goat’s, a tail which takes the form of a cruel, venomous viper, and they’re about two meters (six feet) tall, and can be up to four meters (twelve feet) long, though they tend towards being only 3 meters long, and this does not count the tail, which is usually a meter or two long on its own. Taken together, these are extremely fierce predators, which are known to be very territorial and solitary. They hatch from eggs, typically in nests created by the creatures in cave structures, and immediately upon hatching they set on one another, attempting to kill their fellows, until there is only one left. After that, the parent will nurse the young until it is several years old, at which point it is completely ignored and must make its own way. If it stays too long, it will even be attacked and killed by its own parents. Chimera are known to be extremely ill-tempered, and the venom from their living tails is viciously potent. It is predicted that there are only twenty or thirty of them in all of Anoma, and thus in all the world.

Mountains, Caves, occasionally on the slopes and plains nearby.

Extremely territorial and aggressive.

Danger Level
Extreme. They will hunt for fun.

Thick hide, very strong, multiple methods of attack.

Somewhat slow, somewhat dumb.