Charred Ash

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Artwork by Unknown
Charred Ash
Rarity: Rare
Primary Use: Weaponry, Forge Tools, Fire Starters
Region: Found along natural magical ley lines, in blisteringly hot, arid climates.


Charred Ash is a tree with craggy, soot-colored bark. The wood itself is a warm, toasted brown, with a contrastingly dark, burnt-looking grain. If the wood or tree is fueled by a magical ley line, or energy is channeled through it by a mage, the wood will ignite flame, but never burn away. The trees themselves are usually found already alight.


Charred Ash presents a unique challenge when working the wood into other shapes. Generally it must be handled with tongs and vises as one would when forging metal. The contemptuous wood is likely as not to ignite into sporadic and blindingly hot flames when one attempts to carve or sculpt, leaving severe burns on the one holding it and those too close when mishandled. Autumn Elves are the only race capable of directly handling the wood without placing it in an area of null magic. Beyond getting around the issues of heat, the wood is relatively easy to shape, if a little soft.

General Use

Charred Ash is used along natural magic ley lines or by mages for permanent lighting fixtures, ever-burning torches which can be lit and doused with a wave, burning caps for quarter staffs, and more.