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Artwork by Wen-M
Domain(s): Life, Miracles, and Beginnings.
Symbols: Fire, Newborn or Eggs
Followers: Some Spring Elves, many Halflings, New Mothers
Other Names: The Eternal Flame, Lifebringer, Dragonheart

“For as long as Ceithus exists, there is still hope…”
-A line from several Gorney fables


Ceithus has influence over new life and miracles. He is known, on rare occasion, to give miracles to those of just heart in dire need.


Ceithus is immensely physically tough and powerful, and has access to several powerful truths.


Ceithus' magic is fleeting, though powerful, allowing him to create new beginnings and gift miracles, but not typically to create everlasting artifacts. He has no known permanent artifacts, though he has, on the occasions he shows up, occasionally granted people formed pieces of the Heartwood of the World Tree.


Ceithus is undeniably a positive force in the life of the mortals who populate Gaia. The servants of Ceithus, in many stories, arrive when the need is most dire, at the time when hope has almost been extinguished. On burning horses, clad in shining plates of gold, they are an inspiring force wherever they arrive, sent by their draconic patron seemingly randomly, but in retrospect, almost always in times and places which benefit everyone involved. In general this is his method of operation, nurturing new life and better beginnings wherever his influence can be seen. Some speculate that the miracle of the Gravicans holding their ground on their hill can be truly linked to Ceithus, rather than Sequestus, and the idea almost equally present in Gravicans as being faithful to the brother-gods is.