Carribard Spice

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Artwork by Gate Garden
Carribard Spice
Rarity: Uncommon
Type Of Plant: Spice
Primary Uses: Foodstuff
Region: Tropics


Carribard spice is a friendly looking plant which grows in small, squat bushes and has little round leaves. It smells of delicious cinnamon, and people who frequently drink Spiced Tea generally become more alert by the simple smell of it.


Carribard Spice has a nice, dark green color when it is ready to be picked.


Carribard Spice has small white flowers, though it is almost always harvested before these sprout, as if they're not, the taste will go off, becoming bitter.

Daylight or Nocturnal Activity

Carribard Spice's flowers will bloom in the morningtime.


Carribard Spice is used in all sorts of applications, with many enjoying it for the flavor alone. Many more, however, enjoy it for its stimulating effects, being very much like a smokey, cinnamon flavored form of caffeine. Carribard spice (and caffeine in general) is fairly addictive, requiring a d100 roll on each use, and addicting the user on a roll of 70 or below. On a day when you don't get your Spice, you get a mild headache for the first several hours of the day, usually four to six. These symptoms stop after an age without Spice.


Carribard spice grows in great, long stretches of bushes.

Carribard Spice is typically grown in long rows, with the seeds being able to be strewn haphazardly, as long as they end up underground. They'll grow.

Growth Rate
Carribard spice is typically planted early in an age and harvested late, getting only one harvest per age. It is generally grown in climatically stable zones, however, allowing planters to plant them in waves, giving them the ability to harvest one portion of their field every so often, and giving them a more constant influx of money. One harvesting tends to yield about three pounds of spice, while a strong cup of brewed spice uses about an ounce of the stuff.