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Artwork by Lugh__
Rarity: Wondrous
Color: Blood-red
Primary Use: Weaponry


The physical representation of hate, malice, and insanity, no one is quite sure how Calamite came into creation. Possessing the form of a blood-red metal, it is, in reality, anything but. Whatever inhabits this material is sentient, an ability it uses to call for anger, to call for hatred - to call for blood.


Despite its apparent undiminishing sentience, Calamite forges relatively similar to Iron. Regardless of temperature, method, or shape, whatever inhabits the material does not vacate the material. If the metal were to break after forging, all parts would continue to contain the inhabitant.

General Use


Upon coming into possession of Calamite or an item made of the metal, one would begin experiencing voices coming from within it, whispering into their minds to seek out blood. If not disposed of quickly, one would typically succumb to its cries, hoping to satisfy its hunger. When the metal comes into contact with blood of any sort, the material would seem to grow stronger and more durable. Each kill, each drop of blood increases its strength to the point where it could become close to unbreakable.

Weaponry and Armor

With the deafening call for blood emitted by the metal, its inhabitant practically forces any in its possession to use it as a weapon. When created into a weapon, it begins with similar properties as Iron, yet can continue to grow to a strength similar to Cobalt after a plethora of kills.


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