Bottled Lightning

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Bottled Lightning
Rarity: Wondrous
Color: Crackling Blue
Primary Use: Alchemy


Bottled lightning, as its name might suggest, is a menacing, crackling bolt of lightning barely contained within a glass bottle. It lets off quite a bit of light, and is very loud, letting off a constant, loud crackling noise as it endlessly rebounds around inside its container.


In order to bottle lightning, you need a luminide lightning rod with topaz caps on either side, and a jar with a mystic hemp lid hanging from the bottom. When lightning strikes the rod, it travels through and is ejected into the specially prepared jar, through the mystic hemp. The lightning is then, barely, contained within. You may gather six bottles of lightning per age this way.


Bottled lightning is useful for a few mundane purposes, namely weaponry and lights. When a bottle of lightning is thrown at just about anything with a degree of force, it shatters, releasing the lightning within in a moment into the unfortunate victim. If this hits a person, they are stunned for a round, almost always falling over with electrically induced muscle spasms. In addition, they will suffer burns, and exceptionally flammable clothing will burst into flames. Everyone else within 10 meters is deafened for an hour. As far as alchemical creations, it is most useful when creating special paints with binding chalk, which apply various effects depending on what else is put into it. For example, bottled lightning and stonemoss in a paint, applied to armor or a shield protects from electrical energy.