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Disease Type: Bacterial
Hosts: Avians, Owlfolk
Severity: 8/10


Improperly cared for, open wounds, especially with exposed bone.


Can only be contracted through having a gaping, open wound, which exposes bone or is untreated for long periods of time.

Common Carriers

Owlfolk and other birds.


Much like the name of the disease might suggest, once one contracts bonerot, the hollows in the subject’s bones begin to play host to bacterial infections, which slowly spread throughout the system and infect more of their skeleton. Symptoms include a raging fever, extreme nausea, delirium, and the normal bones becoming far more fragile than they already were, as the bacteria eats away at the already porous bones. By the end of the infection, the unfortunate patient’s bones are typically not strong enough to hold their own weight.


If left untreated, it will almost always kill.


Rapid response to grievous wounds will prevent bones from contracting bonerot, once contracted, surgically removing the affected areas and allowing the bones to grow back as best they can is necessary. If left to fester, it will require amputation of affected limbs.