Blood Fever

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Blood Fever
Disease Type: Bacterial
Hosts: Drachev
Severity: 4/10


Typically a result of improperly tended wounds growing infected.


Can be transferred through bodily fluids being ingested or injected

Common Carriers

Rats oftentime carry this disease without showing signs


If a bite from an animal carrying the disease is not immediately disinfected, or if an open wound is left to fester, the flesh around the wound will grow inflamed and red after only twelve or so hours. Shortly after, it will grow more painful, the veins leading up to it will begin to grow an angry red, and it will begin to throb, quite painfully. By the start of the second day, the wound will begin to feel hot, and the subject’s very blood will have grown to a feverish temperature. Though not usually deadly, if this fever is left unchecked, it will cause loss of coordination, delirium, hallucinations, and seizures. It can permanently damage coordination, eyesight, and hearing if left completely to its own devices. Fortunately, simple fever reducers are fairly effective at combating the worst of the disease’s symptoms, and managing the symptoms of the disease is all that is necessary for someone to make it through relatively unscathed, though it is not a pleasant experience regardless.


While this disease will almost never kill, with the exception of the very old and frail, if left unchecked it can permanently damage the patient’s sight, hearing, and coordination.


Simply managing the fever is enough to keep the long-term effects from materializing. The body will naturally fight off the infection in a matter of one to two weeks.