Black Lotus

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Artwork by looveitorleaveit
Black Lotus
Rarity: Mythical
Type Of Plant: Flower
Primary Uses: Poison
Region: The Courtyard, Mevvet

Primary Author(s): MagicTurtle

(The contents of this page are NOT common knowledge)


The Black Lotus is a small, black-petalled flower, with a pure-white stem. The flower is odorless, and appears relatively innocent, even pretty, in its own way, and, apart from that, is relatively nondescript. It possesses nothing in the way of obvious defences, but, when ingested, or even touched with bare skin, it will lead the perpetrator to an agonizing death. The way it does this is quite interesting, as the Black Lotus itself is not poisonous, or toxic at all, at least, physically. Psychologically, on the other hand, the Black Lotus’ effects are rivaled by almost none. Those who ingest, or touch the black lotus with bare skin will, upon contact, feel pain and horror at levels that are beyond human comprehension. These effects are so severe, and so potent, that it drives the injestor or toucher to suicide mere seconds after contact has been made, suicide that they will follow through on unless they are stopped by their fellows. Even if, through some miracle, those affected by it survive, its effects on their mind will lead to permanent, severe ptsd if not outright madness. It is for this reason that the Black Lotus is one of the most feared flowers across all of creation, as its effects (due to them being psychological) affect all sentient life, and can even affect the divine (although, they are not nearly as affected by it as mortals).


It has black petals, and a white stem. Its bulb is pure-black, but, when it opens, its inside is pure-white.

Daylight or Nocturnal Activity

The Black Lotus does not respond to the sun, or the night, instead feeding off of sorrow itself. When a sentient, intelligent being feels great pain in its presence, its bulb will open wide, absorbing said pain (this does not dampen it in any way) and using that to grow.


As mentioned before, the Black Lotus is an incredibly powerful and potent psychological weapon, and, due to not many knowing of the flower’s existence, as well as it being odorless, it is virtually untraceable when used in murder. Thanks to the fact that the Black Lotus is only obtainable in Mevvet, one of the most guarded places in all of creation, and the fact that it is virtually impossible to farm, however, it has not been used often. When it has, however, its effects have been quick, deadly, and effective. It has not yet been used against the divine, but, hypothetically, it would still cause them great and long-lasting pain, albeit not enough to drive them to suicide.


The Black Lotus may be planted anywhere, be it in a sunny greenhouse, underground, or even on a boat. What the Black Lotus needs to grow, however, is far harder to get. Black Lotus’, you see, feed off of pain and suffering. In order to nuture a seed to maturity, it is estimated that you would need to torture to death about a hundred beings over the span of a age, else it would wither and die. This makes the farming of the Black Lotus virtually impossible, albeit hypothetically possible.

The Black Lotus can grow in clumps, but, unless enough pain and suffering for all of the lotus’ in the clump to feed on is supplied, these clumps will wither and die.

Growth Rate
It takes an age for a Black Lotus to reach maturity, and, in order for this to happen, the seedling must be exposed to the severe and fatal torment of a hundred people. If this torment is not supplied, the seedling will wither and die, its corpse not supplying any of the Black Lotus’ trademark effects.