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Artwork by Unknown
Rarity: Very Common
Primary Use: Crates, Veneer, Small Specialty Items
Region: Temperate Forests


Birch is a pale, somewhat weak hardwood with papery, and easily peeled bark. It decays easily and is not suited for uses where it will be directly exposed to the elements.


Birch is generally easy to work with hand tools, though the grain can be prone to tear-out when drilled. It readily accepts stains and finishes, making it a good choice for veneers and interior trim.

General Use

Birch is often used for disposable wood products such as toothpicks, crates, and signs. It is also common to layer thin birch veneers over other, more durable wood for aesthetic purposes, to make birch-colored shelving, tables, and other furnishings. Because of its workability, birch is also used to make children’s toys and small, intricately carved objects.