Berserker Mushroom

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Artwork by R.K Shilpi
Berserker Mushroom
Rarity: Uncommon
Type Of Plant: Mushroom
Primary Uses: Plant Growth, Food
Region: Underdeep

Primary Author(s): Severus__Snape, GodModeJavali


A strange colored mushroom, with a light crimson cap darkening to a maroon coming to the center, the stem matches this color all the way to the mycelium roots. The mushroom smells and tastes damp with a spice overlay, the white frills giving off the pungent odre which attracts small insects to eat from it to spread its spores. The fungus when consumed causes immense rage on forcing the one afflicted to lash out at either friend or foe which further spreads its spores.


A light crimson red cap, darkening around the center carried by the stem all the way down to the mycelium roots. The only thing remotely different in color are the white frills.


The fungus spreads asexually through the spreading of its spores carried by insects to start new colonies. The mycelium takes six phases to spread, having enough carrying force to break through stone given enough time. The roots can spread miles in stone networks with no set restriction, latching onto organic matter to create a parasitic symbiotic relationship, it encourages the plant to grow rapidly but in turn not develop natural defenses that prevent predators from usually attacking the plant. Once the mycelium has found channels to these networks, it latches on and sprouts the first of potentially many mushrooms.

Daylight or Nocturnal Activity

The fungus grows purely nocturnally, growing in the underdeep through cracks in the walls found or created by the fungus.


The fungus has two primary uses done by herbalists or warmongers, the first would be the use to speed up plant growth when planted next/near the fungus by 25% (1/4th), at a cost of the plant not growing natural defenses, eg: Roses without thorns. The second use, on consumption either raw or cooked, sends the consumer into rage, forcing an instant 1d6 roll to determine how many rounds the rage will last. The mushroom prevents the user to feel pain during but forces them to seek combat for the duration of the rage, seeking out the closest opponent to engage in battle either be friend or foe. After the rage ends, the user will feel exhausted and tired.


The fungus cannot grow in the daylight and usually sees itself dried up when hit with direct light, preventing replanting/reproducing but keeping the effects on consumption. Once planted in a dark area it requires moisture in the air and other plant life around it, otherwise it’ll seek it out, through potential miles of mycelium networks. If the fungus isn’t contained correctly the whole region where the mycelium spreads can be hazardous when the fungus starts sprouting due to any unlucky wildlife that consumes it, sending them in a blind rage.

The mycelium can potentially spread miles through the underdeep, digging into crevices or making their own to travel after long periods. The further the mycelium spreads the more pockets of this mushroom can grow, although only in damp dark areas.

Growth Rate
It takes six phases for the mycelium to first produce the first fungus, which might be too late for unsuspecting dwellers of the deep if not contained. Sprouting around plant organic matter, from then on every half a phase.