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Artwork by Armiche Lora (Nahelus)
Height: 4’3" - 7’0"
Weight: 40lbs - 500lbs

Beastfolk are a broad category of humanoids who bear a strong resemblance to common animals. They are the native residents of Anoma not to be found anywhere else on Gaia itself.


The beastfolk, as long as they have known, were the sole living inhabitants of Anoma before the ships from the Old World came. Each sub race were known to live and traverse different areas within Anoma, but now some have left their homes to see what all the fuss is about with these new people coming to their homelands. Some have come for the ability to learn of these odd creatures, others to show force against these foreign threats.


If this race has subraces, use this heading to talk about them. Otherwise, delete this section. Mention about how many their are, whether they’re diverse or close-knit maybe. Just blurb it up. The following are the most prevalent subraces present in Anoma:

  • Catfolk: Known among Beastfolk as the Maksha, these cat-like humanoids are good-natured nomads.
  • Ratfolk: Verivan, commonly known as Ratfolk, are generally considered the filth of Beastfolk kind. They scrape by on the outskirts of society and in vast, ramshackle warrens in the Underdeep.
  • Lizardfolk: Fierce and noble warriors- Javali never show weakness in the chaos of battle. They generally clash with outsiders, but there is much to see for those taken into the fold.
  • Boarfolk: Gahori, or Boarfolk, are steadfast laborers who always seek to climb higher. They are genius architects and engineers, and when the day's work is done, they can be the most raucous revelers.
  • Owlfolk: Known as Owlfolk to many, Uvari are the avian beastfolk race of Anoma. They closely resemble owls in many ways, having large, soft, specialized wings; ferocious talons; facial disks; huge eyes; and a small but sharp beak for a mouth and nose. Owlfolk are known for being quiet, reserved, and most importantly, smart. They tend to be more apathetic than the rest of beastfolk kind.


Current “Beastfolk” Nations

Within the southern part of Anoma lies the Trade City of Parsha, also known as "the Beastfolk City of Parsha". The geographically unique city is a melting pot of beastfolk races but has a majority of Javali. Originally founded as a caravan the city has become the go-to hub for trading and crafting.

Nation 2 sure do be out here. Here’s a short paragraph. Give me aliases, racial/subracial/ethnic majority, or if it’s just a “RACE” led melting pot nation. Who founded it? When? What’s so great about them?

Past “Beastfolk” Nations