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Settlement Name:

The Tribedom of Aq'sarniit

Capital Name:


Religion: Corvurdurth Worship

The Chief: Evain

Military Master: Aujaq

The Serpent: No Eyes


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Artwork by Unknown
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Within the cold wastelands in Corvurdurth's domain resides The Tribedom of Aq'sarniit, one of the oldest settlements on Anoma. The populace is mainly Ie Il’ha who have come from the Old World, worshipping the Bitter Cold with effigies and totems just outside the large ice walls.


The Tribedom of Aq'sarniit is one of the oldest settlements on Anoma, only being matched by Whitehall and the city of Parsha.

Early History of Aq'sarniit

The early history of Aq’sarniit is not often talked of, a quickly thrown together council, which consisted mostly of women per-tradition founded Aq’sarniit the day of arrival. They constructed a small yurt, where the Ie dwelled for some time before a proper city was constructed.

It would be some time before any sort of opposition in the Tundra, or an alternative to Aq’sarniit would appear. The Lunar Colony, devotees of the other god of the Winter Elves, Xulzraiss. The council quickly fell apart due to internal strife, proving just how effective a full council would be over the course of time. There has never since been a ‘full council’ as it were in Aq’sarniit.

Instead, Evain, the current chieftain of Aq’sarniit took over, he set out to make something more reasonable. Remove the savage ideas of those who came before him. From the ashes of the old a new organization, a new Aq’sarniit was born. A night watch on the rogue undead of the world. One, that would hopefully become the fist of Covrudurth in the living realm.

Recent History

Through recent time, however, the effective administrators of Aq’sarniit have been the Atii, the right hand of Evain, and sworn to Aq’sarniit as a whole, its people, Covrudurth, and partially Evain himself. These administrators hold a paramilitary role, running the day-to-day operations from the mine, to the forge, even alcohol production is not left untouched by their watchful gaze. If something is getting done in Aq’sarniit, the Atii is likely responsible in some way. This by no means, however, makes them an exclusive club, any Ie Il’ha is capable of effectively enlisting in the Atii, where they will be given weapons, and armour.

Aq’sarniit, all in all, is an isolationist settlement, their primary focus being domination of the tundra. That said there has not been many conflicts, internal or external, an extremely peaceful place to live when it comes to social conflict. Though constant hunts persist, a mix of both training of the warriors of the Atii, and Aq’sarniit through the slaying of beasts, an outlet for emotion, and gathering blood for true-ice crafting.

The most recent development in the tribedom, has been that of the arrival of the giantbloods, led by none, though often represented by Torgeir. They live in the tundra, near the border of it, these giantbloods operate totally separate from Aq’sarniit, and that of the Atii. This is not an official ‘giantblood’ group, however, instead being a gathering of some who simply live on the outpost


The Chief:

The chief is the end-all-be-all of choices in Aq’sarniit, he, or she is the ultimate authority of all. Decisions of politics and construction typically fall to them

Military Master:

The Military master is the effective head of the Atii, expected to be ultimately loyal to the Chief of the tribedom. They are often the enforcer of the Chief and manage the day to day of the settlement. The Chief decides, and they enforce by what means they see fit.

The Serpent:

The incredibly handsome Serpent, otherwise known as No-eyes is a Lovecraftian monstrosity, that is advisor, and valued part of Aq’sarniit. It serves many roles from information gathering to advising, to keeping items safe. The Serpent fills a multi-role gap, what is neither done by the Atii, nor the Cheif, will be accomplished by The Serpent.


The Tundra has always been a place of bitter cold, unrivalled throughout the world in its harshness. Those who live in it are surrounded by creatures of aggression, walls are often built to be windbreakers, rather than defence from invasions.

Come spring the Tundra would warm from the bitterness of winter, however, rising to near -40 Celsius, rarely dropping down to the temperatures of winter that came before.

During the summer months, the Tundra naturally would rest around -30 Celsius, dropping down to -40 on particularly cold nights naturally nearing autumn.

Autumn the temperatures start to lower again, to near -35, or -40 C. These temperatures would stay near constant until the first of winter.

The temperatures plummet, come winter, -50 is the average on most days, with it dropping to as low as -60 on particularly cold winter nights.

Though the tundra is not without its life. Yetis, wolves, and other creatures constantly war with each other- and with the Ie for their spot on the top of the food chain. Nothing is a guarantee in the lands of the bitter cold, requiring constant hunts for the Ie to maintain control over their lands.


There is no official recreational activity of Aq’sarniit instead people make due with what they can in the little downtime they have. Playing games of cards, or forging weapons in their own time. Many Ie see certain works as recreational. Where one would see tailoring a new bowstring as work, an Ie may view it as a relaxing opportunity to reflect on the day.

There are now and again celebrations, though these are often to celebrate victories of hunts, or repelling particularly stubborn enemies from the Tundra. When these parties take place, alcohol, and great feasts typically follow suit.


There are few, and yet effective rules in the tribedom: Single combat is a valid decider of dispute. Do not steal. Do not lie. Pull your own weight, or be left behind. These rules can be expanded upon in great detail, though the tax system currently implemented describes them best. Each person living inside Aq’sarniit must make 1 craft for the government every narrative month (Meaning IRL) to continue to have housing in the city. Should one miss a month, they must do 2 the next, before their home is evicted.


Most who live in Aq’sarniit are from two population bases: The Ie Il’ha, and the Giantbloods. Ie Il’ha make up roughly 65% of the population, with Giantbloods making up 25%. The remaining 10% of Aq’sarniit would be those who are blessed or cursed with undeath. Being the primary hub of worshipers of the bitter cold, Aq’sarniit welcomes the undead.

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