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Artwork by GlamourMary
Calling of Aphion
Domain(s): Air
Symbols: - A stylized drawing of a breeze, fallen leaves
Followers: - Intelligent flying creatures
Other Names: The Lady of the Skies

Aphion is being of pure air, and mostly manifests herself as a simple feminine figure, roughly human shaped. She's mostly transparent unless she's manifesting in a place with sand or smoke to be drawn into her winds, as she’s nothing more than a constant stream of twisting air. Aphion tends to be fairly amiable, involving herself in the business of the mortal races the most out of the group. That being said, the demonic steppes hath no wrath like a woman scorned, and Aphion is capable of intense destruction with her buffeting winds.


Aphion has influence over many bestial flying creatures, in addition to the weather and air currents.


Sacrifice to Aphion: Like all elemental deities, Aphion enjoys the sacrifice of animals. Sacrificing animals, the larger the better, and cooking the flesh above an open fire until it's burnt away is a great ritual to attempt to contact Aphion, giving up to a plus three, depending on the size of the animal. Unusual or magical animals can give up to plus ten. They must be slaughtered and butchered, cooked and burnt all specifically for the sake of the deity, from start to finish.
Incense Dance: To summon Aphion, generally, one performs the Wind Dance, or Incense Dance. The gist of it is that one does a dance dedicated to the goddess of air whilst a stick of specially prepared incense burns. Once the incense fully burns down, and if Aphion wills it, she will appear in the smoke, and the smokestick will burn for as long as one needs to pray to the goddess.
Convocation of the Windy Peaks: In certain, naturally extremely windy locations, if one is capable of truly meditating, for at least ten minutes, it is said that they can contact Aphion, and hear her divine voice in the winds that rip through those places.


Aphion has complete control over the winds and air. Stealing the air from someone's lungs is as easy as thinking for her.


Aphion is far too flighty and carefree to spend the time creating artifacts.


The last of the Elements to come to a full self-realization, Aphion was blessed and given the power to create momentum from nothing but her form. Wind almost in the form of an everlasting being of energy which doesn't require a vessel to burn like Ralios, or have weaknesses and aversions, like Qhethys or Zyzrasil. Aphion in a way is truly the only perfectly immortal Elemental being. Though, those were not the first thoughts that entered the woman’s mind as she came into existence. Being a literal airhead, the girl seemed keen on bringing her influence throughout all the planes as quickly as possible… and so she did. Aphion flew her breeze through whatever nooks and crannies she could find, exploring every possible inch of every possible place that she could realistically reach. It was a joy for her, and she was excited to spread that bliss with the other Elements… until Aphion finally took time to consider her peers.

Aphion saw a spiteful and consuming negativity and disillusion to all the Elements. Appearing once before all of them after the night in which Ralios had went beserk and nearly killed Gandhor, Aphion saw nothing but a sinful negativity in all the Elements… and decided that she wanted nothing to do with them. As such, Aphion decided she would find better company, and left the planes once more to go search for regular Gaians and life which could keep her entertained. Despite her own revulsion, the other Elements realize her invulnerability, and will often attempt to persuade her into battle via speaking of their resolution… which the Elemental Lord of Wind absolutely despises. It is an old story that Gandhor, Vilias, and Ralios all came before Aphion one evening and attempted to persuade them individually to their side… in which Aphion went into a wild bellowing frenzy, storming and blowing her essence against the trio all at once, presumably defeating the three.

The only reason it is presumed that Aphion won is because none of the other 3 care to admit the battle ever happened… though the Elemental woman spares no details in describing the events. It is this feeling of almost comedic relief that drives Aphion, and fuels her travels across the planes. Constantly looking for new and curious things. Though just because she is altruistic, her presence is not an unbridled good. While she may be entirely neutral to the selfish deeds of the other Elementals, Aphion has never been bothered by Zyzrasil, and seen him as nothing but selfishly bullied. Seeing nothing but a man forced into a defensive frenzy due to the overbearing personality of Qhethys. As such, Aphion’s morals are truly subjective. She can either help the most dastardly of filth monsters, or help a morning child find their way through the harshest hells. It is simply whatever can truly make her care, or what sounds fun, that drives her movement.