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Artwork by Dopey
Domain(s): Chaos
Symbols: Fire, Hunting tools/animals, waves.
Followers: Humanity, primarily hunters, sailors, gamblers, and travelers.
Other Names: The Old Hunter, Jean de Feu, Jeremus Quickhands, Kiriltugh

Anomalous is one half of the pair of deities which claim humanity as their own, Sequestus, the human deity of order and his brother being the other.


Anomalous has influence over most chaotic things, notably hunts, games of chance, the weather and the sea.


Anomalous, being one of the chief deities of humanity, has a great deal of power, and is, typically speaking, fairly willing to share such a thing with his followers. He knows the Truths of many things, most related to his domain and those things he has influence over.


The Brazier of Anomalous is one of Anomalous' most powerful artifacts on the material plane. Housed in the holy city of Armus, in the grand cathedral of the brother church, the solid palladium brazier burns eternal. Though the flame is intensely bright and hot, it will not burn the truly faithful, and any arch-theogonist must pass through the fire in order to become a Sibling Superior. This brazier was created and "given" to the church when Anomalous and Sequestus returned to shake it up from its corrupt state, some six hundred ages ago. Many an unfaithful person was tested and failed before the Brother Church was reformed.


Anomalous is said to have had a major hand in creating the world known today, having created all life on the planet, or at least so the Armusian church believes. What can be historically verified, however, is that Anomalous and his brother, Sequestus, emerged into the Old World at the same time as human written history began, helping the humans generate civilizations and spreading miracles and wisdom to all the humans who they came across. Basically every civilization has an origin story related to one or both of the brother deities, and many towns even have their own stories of the time when one of the brothers visited. At this point in time, the brothers live in an idyllic, magical village at the top of Deus Mons, the tallest mountain in the world.