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Raw Amber
Rarity: Uncommon
Color: Golden
Primary Use: Aging Enchants


Despite being relatively common, as compared to most other gemstones, amber is extremely valuable for its magical properties. When amber is used to enchant something, it has effects on the subject's aging.


Generally speaking, when a gem is used for enchantments, it is either embedded into the metal of the weapon while it cools, or crushed into a fine powder and incorporated into the metal itself as it is forged. Amber in particular is an extremely difficult material to enchant with, requiring at least a journeyman enchanter to work with it, despite only requiring a novice gemcutter to cut it in a mundane fashion. Finally, Amber is able to be used in an alchemist's focusing array.

General Use

Amber, because of its relative rarity and not particularly beauteous nature, is not supremely prized for jewelry. Instead, it is almost all purchased up by extremely skilled enchanters, who seek to create some of the most valuable enchanted objects on the face of Gaia. They are so valuable because they can be made to cause the subject to age slower, or even stop aging in the case of very powerful enchantments.

Weaponry and Armor

Weaponry enchanted with amber typically ages its target rapidly, while armor guards against the effects of aging, generally. Most nobles wear magical amber jewelry to extend their lifespan.


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