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Those who worship the patron dragon of ice, undeath, and darkness are occasionally not satisfied with the creations of their patron, and seek to enhance them. Sewing their reanimated parts together in a hideous abomination of stitched flesh and ruptured skin creates a whole that is far greater than the sum of its parts, and these wholes are known as “Amalgamates.” Generally eight to ten feet tall, with misplaced and mismatched limbs which don’t always act in concert with one another, Amalgamates are truly hideous creatures. It’s unknown what, exactly, happens to the souls of those poor zombies stitched together, but there are few theories which put this as being a happy ending. Regardless, though these creatures are frequently created by mortal worshippers, with the number of the things that wander from the tundras around the waist of the planet, it is clear that occasionally Covrudurth must create them of his own will. Sometimes Amalgamates are also found that are creations made of non-sentient creatures, and these tend to be the most mighty and horrifying of all their kind.

Anywhere, though they’re more common the closer one draws to the tundras. Very frequently found in the lairs of necromancers and the like.

They can be either controlled, most commonly through the same mortal magic ritual which created them, in which case they have a controlling stone somewhere inside their body. Without this crystal, or if they’re a “naturally” occuring Amalgamate, they act as enraged, bloodthirsty monsters, seeking only the death of any living thing (or thing they perceive to be living) they can get their twisted limbs on. Frequently created with weaponry implanted into their tortured flesh.

Danger Level
Variable, Extremely Hostile towards all life, and can range from moderately dangerous to highly dangerous depending on the parts used.

Very strong, immune to mind-affecting Truths, endless stamina

Destroying their controlling stone will drive them berzerk

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