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Artwork by Lugh__
Rarity: Mythical
Color: Black
Primary Use: Armor


Adamant is a jet-black metal nearly impervious to damage. While usually black in color, adamant has a green sheen when viewed by candlelight or a purple-white sheen when viewed by magical light. Adamant is considered the absolute best in protection, with no documentation ever recording a piece made of the metal breaking.


Accompanying the damage resistance seen in Adamant, the metal also is rather dense, leading to some difficulties when attempting to forge the material. In order for it to reach a workable consistency, Adamant typically requires long periods of time resting within a heated forge to become malleable.

Weaponry and Armor

While sharp weaponry is typically avoided due to the metal’s density, Adamant has been used to create both blunt weapons and armor. Weaponry created from the metal would be extremely dense, being capable of denting and cracking iron and steel armor with only a couple hits. Adamant Armor would be able to withstand blows from sharp weapons and show no immediate wear from blunt weaponry.


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